About Us

Kikuyu People is a blog dedicated to teaching you the Gikuyu language and its culture. Here you will find posts on traditions, history, folklore, songs, language and current events.

I was born and raised in Kenya and then immigrated to Canada. After two years of living here, I realised that I was forgetting my language. I was forgetting simple things like numbers or the names of household items. That’s when I discovered that there are not many resources that help with learning or relearning Kikuyu. A group of us are now committed to creating an archive that anyone can be able to access no matter where they live.

We are committed to preserving the Kikuyu language and culture. Our focus is on making sure people in the diaspora have access to their culture and. In addition, friends of Kenya can learn the language before they visit our beautiful country.

Our blog wants to make sure that the current and future generation growing up in the digital age has access to their culture no matter where they are in the world. We want them to have easy access to learn and feel like a part of our community. We also want to make sure that the Gikuyu language and its traditions are not lost in the era of pop cultural influences and technological change.